Item details - High-grade Asklepian Beta
High-grade Asklepian Beta
This memory augmentation has been modified by Serpentis scientists for use by their elite officers.

Primary Effect: +4 bonus to Memory

Secondary Effect: 2% bonus to armor repair amount

Set Effect: 15% bonus to the strength of all Asklepian implant secondary effects

Note: Has no effect on capital sized modules.
Cargo capacity 0 m3
Mass 0 kg
Volume 1 m3
Baseprice 800,000 ISK
Charisma Modifier 0 points
Intelligence Modifier 0 points
Memory Modifier 4 points
Perception Modifier 0 points
Willpower Modifier 0 points
Primary Skill required Cybernetics
requiredSkill1Level 2
Implant Slot 2 Slot
Tech Level 2 Level
Asklepian Set Bonus 1.149999976158142 x
Armor Repair Bonus 2 %
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