Corporation details - Federation Navy [FN]
Alliance: None CEO: Anteson Ranchel
Kills: 161 HQ:
Losses: 4 Members: 132
ISK destroyed: 13.12B Shares: 100000000
ISK lost: 15.07B Tax Rate: 0%
Efficiency: 46.53% Website:
The Federation Navy has seen better days, since the end of the war with the Caldari and the thawing in relations with the Amarrians the budget for the Navy has been slashed severely. It still relies on its drone armada to defeat opponents, but ship wise the Federal Navy is lacking.
Awarded Medals
Legion of Merit
for most kills
Navy Cross
for most killpoints
Navy Distinguished Service Medal
for most solo kills
Defense Meritorious Service Medal
for most damage dealt
Joint Service Commendation Medal
for most finishing blows
Humanitarian Service Medal
for most pods destroyed
Military Outstanding Volunteer Service Medal
for most ruthless kills
Meritorious Service Medal
for most economocial damage caused
Purple Heart
for most ships lost
Joint Service Achievement Medal
for most lowsec kills
Distinguished Service Cross
for most caps and supers killed
Armed Forces Service Medal
for most structures razed
Global War on Terrorism Medal
for most kills in high sec systems
2018 - 07    

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