Corporation details - Aideron Robotics [AIDER]
Alliance: None CEO: Baynex
Kills: 590 HQ:
Losses: 573 Members: 91
ISK destroyed: 1,043.89B Shares: 8000
ISK lost: 23.93B Tax Rate: 3%
Efficiency: 97.76% Website:
Aideron Robotics is a Faction Warfare corporation fighting for the Gallente Militia. Based in the low-sec warzone, Aideron Robotics welcomes pilots of all skill levels. With a mix of new and veteran pilots, we are a perfect corp for pilots new to PvP and alpha clone pilots, as well as experienced mature pilots keen to help train and develop others. With close ties to the rest of the Gallente Militia, Aideron Robotics pilots are always welcomed in PvP fleets militia-wide, providing an expansive range of gameplay and experiences.

Boasting one of the best corp-based jump freight services in EVE, AIDER pilots have easy access to assets as well as a well-organised market and contract service, meaning doctrine ships are always available and only a click away. Clearly defined, battle proven doctrines give pilots a clear training pathway, while allowing them freedom to explore their own fits with solo and kitchen-sink-fleet PVP. Doctrine fits start with a basic three-day program that see brand new pilots flying in AIDER fleets and being important members almost immediately.

Well known for mature and respectful gameplay, Aideron Robotics caters for pilots in all timezones. While we are fundamentally a PvP corp, we also offer guidance on profitable industry and planetary interaction programs for those looking for alternative income sources and engage in PVE content as well as PVP. Voice comms are via Discord and Mumble. Our Discord server is an active and vibrant place for all members to discuss ops, tactics, fits, and generally look out for each other.

Our Discord is the best place to get information and talk to a recruiter. To find out more information about Aideron Robotics, visit our website!

Our Website (

XO & Personnel:
Alquimista Blanco
Diplomat & Director:
Pedro Athonille
Mining and Reactions:
Pragantis Florian
Industry and Production:
GimliTheDestroyer Durin
Lead FC:
Kuruk Arnook
10 Most recent kills
Ship type Victim Final blow Location
[ Marauder]
RvB - BLUE Republic
Ouelletta (0.4)
I: 57 C: 0
[ Frigate]
RvB - BLUE Republic
Pynekastoh (0.2)
I: 5 C: 0
[ Battleship]
Hull Penetration
Vey (0.2)
I: 40 C: 0
[ Force Auxiliary]
Pen Is Out
Vey (0.2)
I: 42 C: 0
[ Battleship]
Pen Is Out
Vey (0.2)
I: 31 C: 0
[ Cruiser]
RvB - BLUE Republic
Tama (0.3)
I: 8 C: 0
[ Interceptor]
Tama (0.3)
I: 12 C: 0
Drake Navy Issue
[ Battlecruiser]
RvB - BLUE Republic
Hikkoken (0.3)
I: 7 C: 0
[ Cruiser]
Pynekastoh (0.2)
I: 10 C: 0
[ Assault Frigate]
Hull Penetration
Teimo (0.3)
I: 11 C: 0
10 Most recent losses
Member Pilot Statistics for All-Time
Pilot Name Kills ISK (B) Losses ISK (B) Efficiency

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