Corporation details - Spectre Fleet Corp [SFSFC]
Alliance: None CEO: Virion Stoneshard
Kills: 540 HQ:
Losses: 4 Members: 30
ISK destroyed: 148.56B Shares: 1000
ISK lost: 0.21B Tax Rate: 0%
Efficiency: 99.86% Website: http://
o7 Nerds, and welcome to Spectre Fleet.

We are EVE's largest NPSI group, and offer public PVP fleets of all kinds for all pilots. Interested, looking for something new? Come try us out!

SF Spectre Fleet (In-game Chat)
SF Discord
10 Most recent kills
10 Most recent losses
Ship type Victim Final blow Location
[ Destroyer]
Raravoss (0.6)
I: 47 C: 0
Capsule - Genolution 'Auroral' 197-variant
[ Capsule]
BJD4-E (0.0)
I: 12 C: 0
[ Tactical Destroyer]
BJD4-E (0.0)
I: 15 C: 0
Capsule - Genolution 'Auroral' 197-variant
[ Capsule]
Kedama (0.3)
I: 3 C: 0
Member Pilot Statistics for All-Time
Pilot Name Kills ISK (B) Losses ISK (B) Efficiency

POS Modules are removed from statistics.
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